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Why this kreta-wiki?

Here is developing a wiki with information about the island of Crete and its history. We wanted to start with documentation of the German occupation of Crete in WWII.

The occupation of Greece by the Germans was a crime. The occupying forces have committed, apart from their fights in the war, massacres in a lot of Greek places, which is unknown to many travellers to Greece. To honour the victims, and to prevent them from oblivion, and to give opportunity when possible to survivors to tell their story, we have started this site.

We are people that have travelled to Crete for many years, love the island, and have learned to know each other through the "Kreta Forum". Everyone from there that has an interest in working out and making public this side of the German-Greek relation can join this project.

We are no historians, but those who are, are invited to contribute. We get our information from public sources, from meetings with Cretans, and from information from Crete. The open format of this wiki makes it possible to incorporate new information, and to correct mistakes in its presentation. Sources should be fully clear. Oral information of course should respect the privacy of the speaker.

Thanks to Erno from for translation!